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Jam Studio Music recommends our awesome friends across the hallway Blank Canvas Coworking as this is where we host our mid and end of year concerts. Check out what they’re about below:

Here at Blank Canvas Coworking we believe independent professionals work better alongside one another than alone. We value community, sustainability, flexibility, inspiration and growth, and work hard to reflect this in all aspects of our business design and operation, it shows up in the small details –the living green wall, green energy choices, sharing resources and building sharing economies, participating in a strong local business network, and being interested in who you are, what your business is, and supporting opportunities for leveraging your direction and growth.

We offer a light filled, dedicated professional work space (not a cafe, your kitchen table or other random locale) that is quiet and communal – an ideal space for you to concentrate or collaborate. You will probably grab your morning coffee from a favourite café across the road, settle in at your preferred desk beside the living green wall and overlooking palm trees, take your lunch outside to enjoy on the grass beside Luna Park, and finish your light filled afternoon in our quiet and communal working environment.

In the evenings you might host your own networking event, workshop or attend a forum being run through the council or one of our partnerships.

Coworking is about making the personal and professional choice to work alongside other people. It could be for a few hours or a few days, for a project or as a complete way of working.

As a member of Blank Canvas Coworking, you can be part of a ready-made network and community that seeks to support your business goals. Our current members are established in what they do and work across professional speaking, finance, media and communications, marketing and sales, event management, recruitment and tourism. They are remote workers, business owners, freelancers and start-ups.

In the evenings and weekends our space is used by for networking, coaching and training events. We have partnerships with Port Philip Council, the St Kilda business community and a range of social enterprise networks to host forums that range from music management to social innovation series. Venue hire facilities, 6 seat meeting rooms with great light and views over Luna Park, 20 individual seats and around 6 large desks.

We look forward to you becoming a member of our growing professional community and spending one day or many days with us. Sign up. Get connected.