Sean – Bass Lessons

Sean Bio PicSEAN KELLY – Guitar and Bass Lessons

Sean‘s Teaching Days: Saturday morning/afternoon.
It was at the tender age of 8 when Sean first lugged his mum’s classical guitar to school to perform two of the finest pieces of music ever written, ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’ and the chorus of ‘Don’t Cry for me Argentina’. Ever since music has always been a prominent and vital part of his life. Fast forward to high school and the common teen obsessions with hard rock and heavy metal lead him to the likes of Metallica, G n’ R, Faith No More and the placement as bass player in the school band paved the way for the next ten years. Sean’s early music interests and influences diversified greatly, from the great bassist Jaco Pastorius to more modern performers such as Robert Trujillo (pre-Metallica!), Klaus Flouride (Dead Kennedys) and Flea.

After three very productive years in an original band The Casquederos, the call to the ‘big smoke’ was strong and the band moved to Melbourne. Still going strong with The Casquederos Sean is currently playing and releasing great original Rock ‘N Roll tunes, which included an EP produced by the great Tony Cohen, so keep an eye out around St Kilda for some live gigs.

Whilst being in bands and making several independent recordings Sean put his skills and talents to teaching. Having taught for over 15 years now Sean has a great knowledge of how to teach all types of students of all different ages. With a superb background in Rock, Metal, Punk and Funk Sean can take any aspiring guitarist or bass player to where they want to go with their playing.

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