Guitar, Bass, Singing, Ukulele, Piano, Sax & Drum Lessons

Well what a past year huh Jammers?!?! Here’s hoping we’ve made it out the other side and you’re back into the swing of things. 

Now’s the time to get cracking into all the fun things again and what better thing to do is investing in you and learning an instrument, whether it be guitar, vocals, ukulele, bass, piano, saxophone or drums.

“Having fun, enjoying the learning and improving at your pace” is the Jam Studio Music philosophy. We understand that people choose to learn music for a variety of reasons: fun, extra school help, form a band, become the next big thing or because someone dared you…and we cater for it all. We aim to teach you through having a great time and playing music you enjoy. If you want to learn that pesky theory stuff then lets get stuck in but not if you don’t want to 😉

With fun, engaging and energetic teachers we aim to provide clear and easy to understand lessons whilst also focusing on the student’s own direction. If you’re a total beginner with no experience or a seasoned performer who’s looking to sharpen up some rough edges of your playing, Jam Studio is here to help you achieve your goals.

At Jam Studio Music we’ve been delivering great times with learning tailored you since 2012. Over the years we’ve had hundreds of people through the door with lots of fantastic success stories along the way. Have a read of some happy student reviews here.

We also run mid and end of year concerts for any student who’d like to perform. It’s a great way to get started on your performance career as it’s a super supportive crowd and relaxed day down at the St Kilda Bowls Club.

You can find us on the corner of Chapel & Carlisle St’s in St Kilda (not Windsor). We’re easy to get to by car or public transport find us. All of our teachers have Working With Children’s Checks and have great experience as both teachers and current working musicians.

Stop thinking about it and act on it today! See you soon to realise you or your kid’s dreams to play music.

Come along for the ride where you get to choose the tunes! Contact Us now