Guitar Lessons

Judd is a funk/jazz guitarist, with roots in progressive rock, metal and blues. Starting classical guitar lessons from the age of 9, he found an early interest in music, which led to him playing in a number of rock bands, which played gigs at iconic Melbourne venues like the Espy and Cherry Bar, and in support of the RCD Foundation’s “Connor’s Run”, on Brighton Beach.

After completing his VCE 3-4 in contemporary music performance, and AMEB grade 7 in guitar, Judd found himself taking his musical studies further at JMC Academy where he completed his Bachelor in Music Performance, majoring in guitar. It was here that his profound love of music theory blossomed into his interest in the dissonant, and unexpected sound of jazz.

Now considered a total music nerd, Judd loves getting amongst the most complex musical rhythms and harmonic progressions, whilst still maintaining a love for simple, good old-fashioned rock, blues, and pop.

Judd now plays as a sessional musician in a number of Melbourne based bands, whilst also writing and producing his own music under the pseudonym “Judular”.

Having taught at Jam Studio for 8 years now Judd has a wealth of knowledge in both experience and training to take you where you want to go with your playing.

Judd’s Teaching Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursdays