What The Concerts Are About

At Jam Studio Music we have 2 concerts mid year and end of year for anyone wanting to perform. Even if you’ve got no interest in forming a band or wanting to perform regularly, the concerts are a great way to focus your learning on a goal and strive to achieve it. It’s a super friendly audience to play in front of so for any first time performers it’s a really relaxed and fun environment for you to give it a go. For the people who’ve got in front of people before it’s  great to hone your skills and start to really have fun on stage.

We’ve had concerts since 2014 as our previous business name Treble Makers Music and some students have performed at every concert since we’ve started them up. Here’s some pic’s and some YouTube video’s of students giving it their all at some of the concerts we’ve had so far. Enjoy!

Cheers Marty 

Jam Sessions June 2018

Jam Fest Dec 2017

Jam Stoo Stoo Studio Concert June 2017

The Dec ’16 Bam Jam Concert 

It was a super fabulous day for our end of year Bam Jam concert at Blank Canvas and we thank them for having us. Some really fantastic performances from our students who’ve been with us for long and short times. It’s great seeing the development in everyone who’s played before at previous concerts and a big hand to all those new comers to the stage. Anyone giving it a go for the first time deserves the biggest applause as far as I’m concerned.

A big thanks to all the teachers for their time and support for all their students too. Can’t wait to see the next concert mid year in 2017!

Here’s some vid’s of the great performances on the day and pic’s below.

The June ’15 Treble-Polooza Concert