Vocal lessons with Dani. She is enthusiastic, encouraging and really knows her stuff. I’ve improved miles in a couple of months, it has all been logical and fun and made me want to keep learning. While only now learning to sing, I’ve been playing guitar for 30 years and know a bit about music. Cannot recommend Dani and this studio highly enough, you will not be sorry – Terry (August 2017)

My son has been having lessons with Erik since we moved to the area three years ago. He has gone from sort of liking guitar to loving music, joining a band and being confident performing. Thanks to everyone at Jam Studio for their great teaching and encouragement – Maggie (April 2017)

I don’t live near St Kilda but traveling to Jam Studio once a week is well worth it. They have a team of talented and friendly teachers with diverse skills, who cater to each individual student. Would definitely recommend! – Mia (March 2017)

Started Learning Guitar with these Guys at age 31 and it has been nothing but fun. All the teachers are passionate and are really invested in their students. My ability to play and appreciation of music is a Gift they have given me for life. Thanks Jam Studio, can’t recommend you enough! – Pat (December 2016)

Marty and the team at Jam Studios have a great love for music and share that with each and every student that walks though the doors. Kids of all ages learn in their own time, each made to feel competent and appreciated. We all love the concerts and seeing how the children progress. Monica is an amazing drum teacher for my son and Dani has my daughter on the keys and belting out a tune. A fantastic music school – Claire (October 2016)

‘It is the best part of my week!’ Maia says about doing singing and guitar lessons with Dani at Jam Studio. She just loves it. Maia started with keyboards but is now enjoying learning a new musical skill (guitar), and learning to sing with her friend Angie in joint lessons. Dani teaches breathing technique, pitch, harmonisation in a really engaging, fun way. She is dedicated and supportive, and I totally get why Maia would be jumping for joy each time we head down to Acland St for a session at Jam Studio Music. – Anna (August 2016)

‘Rosa (six) has been learning drums with Monica for around six months and she loves it. Monica is so enthusiastic it really makes Rosa want to play the drums. I’m amazed at how much she has learnt so far. Jam Studio is awesome.’ – Martine (July 2016)

“My son Bryn has been doing guitar at Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) for two terms now. He has always enjoyed learning to play songs but since being taught by Erik his enthusiasm and skill has gone to a new level. He is picking up so much more than just how to replay a set of notes and now writes his own songs, is more engaged about music in general and has formed a band with some mates from school.” – Maggie (September 2014)

Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) student Lily cutting up the guitar. She’s that good she’s now learning piano too.
“We researched a few music teachers and decided Marty and his team were the best choice. Both girls (Lily and Ella) have been learning a variety of instruments over 2 years and have such a great time with their instructors each week. They are energetic and a lot of fun and I absolutely recommend Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music).” – Megan Peck (April, 2014)

Lily Photo


“I have been taking guitar lessons at Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) for about 10 months now and my guitar skills have improved more during that period than in 4 years playing by myself. Aside from a really convenient location, Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) school caters for beginners to advanced students in a wide variety of instruments. They have amazing guitar lessons: 1 or 2 sessions with Marty will do wonders to improve your chord skills, music theory and song writing. The whole school has a cozy interior (well done on the decoration guys!!) and a nice vibe that makes everyone feel welcome from the first lesson.” –  Anthony de Palatis (June 2014)

“Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) has helped me rediscover music after many years away from playing. The teachers are experienced, enthusiastic and I make good progress every lesson. Jam Studio is very well run and makes learning music an enjoyable experience.” – Jane Harper (June, 2014)

“Working with Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) was not only great fun but I felt a real sense of achievement. After years of trying different guitar teachers and not getting anywhere, I finally found someone to get me started on some basic songs that made me feel like I was playing the guitar – not just theory. From that point on I gained the confidence to try more complex songs and make some real progress. Thank you Marty and Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music).” – Andrew Vincent (Elwood) (June, 2014)

“If you have been out of the music world for some time and are looking to reconnect with that piano or guitar that has been lying idle for some time, Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) will make that happen for you. When you call your greeted by a very chatty Marty who expresses genuine interest in you and what you are looking for. Going back to the piano as an adult learner is somewhat different, now I get to choose what I want to play which is much more endearing when it comes to practice time. The teachers at Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) breathe and live for music. They are young musicians, really flexible and work with you and what you want to get out of the lessons. Their teaching styles are practical and really encouraging and there’s no pressure. Recently I liked a piano piece that I couldn’t find the music for. My teacher Ellie went to the effort and bother of writing out the music for me in her spare time. She’s Ace! I would recommend anyone to give Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) a go. If you are like myself wanting to play music, feel good and have an outlet for yourself then I strongly recommend giving them a call and see where it takes you.” – Niamh J (May, 2014)

“Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) are an extremely professional group of music teachers, who for me have put the fun back into my guitar playing. The lessons are interesting & fun & always seem to end too quickly (time flies when you’re having fun). On an individual note Marty has taken me from being a floundering muso to a guitarist who has the confidence to play lead or rhythm. I highly recommend Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) to anyone who wants to get ahead, become proficient or just have fun playing their instrument.” – Adam Rose (August, 2013)

“I’ve been taking lessons at Treble Makers (now Jam Studio Music) for about six months and I love it. I’ve always loved singing and writing. My teacher, Anita is great and encourages my passion and enthusiasm for Music. I go twice a week, and look forward to taking on something new each time. Some Fridays I take my 4 year old son Jo Jo and the lessons have had a positive impact on him too.” – Mark L. (June, 2014)