At Jam Studio Music we want everyone to feel welcome, relaxed and ready to ROCK! The studio rooms are cosy with all the equipment you need to learn. There’s couch’s and free WIFI for people in the foyer waiting and if you need to duck out to get a coffee or do some shopping then Carlisle St is right there for you. Check out the photos.


Foyer (below)

Foyer With Logo on Wall

Drum Studio (below)

Drum Room (3)

Guitar Studio (below)

Guitar Room Best

Piano Studio (below)

Piano Room Best

Singing Studio (below)

Singing Room Best

Drum teacher Monica bashing out the drums (below)


Mon & Harriet - Drums

Singing, piano & guitar teacher Dani kicking back between students (below)

Dani - Guitar

Piano teacher Phoebe doing her thing (below)

Alanna & Phoebe - Piano (2)

Coming to grips with that AC/DC beat (below)

Billy - Drums

Drum times (below)

Dane & Carmelle