Bas’s Teaching Days – Tuesdays & Wednesdays

Bas has been playing drums since he was 10 at the Yamaha Music School in Jakarta in Indonesia and has not turned back since. Starting off Bas wanted to be able to play any Metallica, Dream Theater and System of a Down song he could so he pushed himself to learn them all.
Upon moving abroad to Australia in 2013 Bas took a more serious approach to music applying to all the bands he could play in high school, as well as taking VCE Music Performance. He participated in the Symphonic Band, Symphony Orchestra, Blues Band, Big Band, and Theatre Orchestra. Here Bas learned to play a variety of styles, such, funk, and blues.
After completing a Bachelor Degree in Music at JMC Academy in 2017 Bas has gained the skills and the experience to play in many styles of music with particular interests in math rock, progressive metal, jazz fusion and electro pop. He is currently playing in the Rachel Caddy Band playing gigs regularly around Melbourne and will be undertaking his Master of Teaching starting 2018.
Having changed drum teachers numerous times throughout his life Bas has experienced different teaching methods and topics that has helped him learn. Through this experience Bas incorporates these methods into his own drum lessons. Music is a huge part of Bas’ life and he’s constantly pushing himself to learn more and more each year. Bas is fluent in many different styles of music and has an extensive knowledge on theory which he is eager to share with everyone!