MARTIN GRINDAL – Guitar, Bass & Ukulele Lessons

Guitar Lessons Elwood
Guitar Lessons with Martin Grindal

Marty’s Teaching Days: Monday thru Fridays
Marty only picked up the guitar at age 18 and hasn’t put the instrument down since. Growing up in the Grunge /Rock genre Marty was influenced with big riffs, wide voicing chords & great song writing. After attending Box Hill TAFE, completing a foundation in music in 2002 and undertaking an Advanced Diploma in Composition in 2004, Marty has been a writing and performing member of various bands since 1998. With 14 years guitar teaching experience, Marty has had the pleasure of teaching a wide range of students of all ages, watching them grow as musicians and people through the confidence they gain from playing an instrument. Enthusiasm, fun, patience, experience in dealing with all types of players and a philosophy of making lessons fun/relevant to your interests is what Marty brings to each lesson. Having strengths in Rock, Pop, Blues and Jazz genres Marty has a good all round knowledge of different styles and strong theory skills to take you where you want to go with your playing.