Merry Christmas Jam Studio

I hope the holidays are a good one for all of you. It’s been great having everyone on board this year, so a big thank you from all of us here at Jam Studio. Let’s make 2015 an awesome year for all you Jam Studio and work hard to get you on the big stage!

Now, I wanted to throw in a mystery song (Download Christmas Mystery Song) for everyone to try and play on a Piano or Guitar. It’s a very popular song that everyone knows, so once you have worked it out on the instrument, try to sing that vocal line – I’m sure you’ll know the words.

This is actually a really fun way of starting to learn instruments, so take this as a fun exercise. I’ll be doing another blog early next year, so make sure you revisit the Blog in January.

Have a cracking Christmas/New Years Jam Studio & catch you rockin’ out next year.

Woot! Woot!



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