Hey Jam Studio,

25th October was a beautiful 30 degree Sunday; perfect for some outdoor fun. Parents and families, fellow students and the general crowd rallied together in hundreds for the day to attend the annual St Kilda Primary Fete. There was a variety of activities and entertainment on offer, which made the event a fun one to attend.

10 years old, Oli Prysten performing ‘What Does The Fox Say’ at St Kilda Primary Fete 2015.

We are extremely pleased to share that some of our amazing students had the pleasure of performing for hundreds of people on the day. Each performance was special and the crowd was into in from start to finish.

Black Allstars
The Black Allstars performing ‘Uptown Funk’ at St Kilda Primary Fete 2015

The Black Allstars comprises of these amazing 9 year olds – Angus (Drums), Luka (Keyboards & Backing Vocals) and featuring Sylvie (Lead Vocals & Guitar).

High Voltage
High Voltage performing ‘Highway To Hell’ at St Kilda Primary Fete 2015

High Voltage is a group of very talented 13 year olds that have spent many hours learning at Jam Studio Music in St Kilda. Band members include Cam (Drums), Ned (Keyboards), Oliver (Bass), Bryn (Guitar), Myles (Lead Vocals).  High Voltage performed a total of 4 songs – “TNT”, “Seven Nation Army”, “Howling For You”, Highway To Hell”.

It was a proud moment for us Jam Studio and all of the teachers that attended had a great time supporting their lovely students.

We are equally proud of all our students who got up and performed. It was pretty amazing to see our rock stars belt out some big numbers


Did you watch any of the bands perform? Do share your pics and feedback if you were at the Fete – we would love to hear from you.

Keep making Treble!